Bump in the night

I started thinking back on all the places I really felt something. I am not talking emotionally, but felt as in as if something was around that we could not see. For another example would be when I visited Arizona. We were looking at lots which we were thinking of placing a bid on. The area had been burnt out, and it felt as if the spirits of dead animals were all about. Sometimes as the winds picked up it seemed as if I felt those spirits going right through me, their pain and sorrow hanging heavy on the air, begging me to help them go on. I closed my eyes and held out my arms, willing them to come to me and pass on to where they would be at peace.

The man who had brought us up there watched me warily and I could tell he felt them too though he refused to admit to it. Later he asked what I was doing. I replied that I was giving comfort to the spirits. He didn’t say anything but gave me a wide birth after that. This was not the first time I experienced these things nor would it be the last.


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