Living with a ghost.

Seems that my mother and I both live in houses with ghosts. I KNOW my dad stayed on for a year or so after he passed because our dog “Bunny” would sit in front of his chair and cock her head from side to side as if listening. And no one but he and grand pa smoked yet years later I would smell Grandpa’s favorite tobacco, or dad’s cigarettes.  Where we live now, I have the ghost of the former owner of the house. She is a really nice presence, and tends to show me where the best bargains are when we need something to add to or fix in her home. Sometimes I think it is because we care for her dog, but she has always giving us friendly vibes in the house.

At my mom’s there are the ghosts of pets which had passed not too long ago, as well as a visiting ghost of my cousin and another whom the residents of the area claimed had been there for many years prior. I know because I have felt them and even saw the shadows as they passed me, letting me know that someone had arrived unexpectedly or helping me find things that were lost for several days. They even gave comfort where there was none to be found.


2 thoughts on “Living with a ghost.

  1. I am a firm believer of the paranormal, and have had experiences
    happen to myself. My daughter use to see our pets that had died,
    would come to her and comfort her. My philosophy is that
    if you respect the dead, they will do the same, and it seems
    that is what you are doing:)

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