My Nordic guardian

I use to do in-home care as well as photography. While doing this I became friends with a man who was the direct descendent of Eric the Red.  He was well over 6’5″ and very lean. His father came to America from Norway so he and his sister were 1st generation American citizens.  He became like a second father and taught me old school photography.  He passed away in 2003. Several months later he appeared to me in a dream in full viking regalia with his little British wife by his side. He shook his finger at me, which confused me. He did so again for several nights after. Finally I asked him if he wanted me to call his sister. He shook his head (vigorously) yes.  I did, and found out she had been having the same dreams.  Several months later he did it again. I called her the next day and found out a friend was very sick. You see, I finally figured out that he wants me to keep in touch with his sister and her with me. It works out well. I was told about new grand children, illnesses in the family, trips to Norway and just to cheer her out of loneliness. He also seems to have peeked my interest in the old Nordic religions of the Vikings. I believe that he was a viking at heart and is now my guardian of sorts from the afterlife. I miss him terribly, but I also know that he is there if I ever need him.


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