Death and Religions

It seems every belief has their own take on death.  Monotheists spout hell-fire and brimstone, demons and punishment … at least some of them do. Polytheists talk about reward or punishment, not necessarily you are going to hell, but you return to learn your lessons in life.  I believe that the “Book-Religions” out there use death as a way to corral more people for their followings.  They frighten people in to questioning their common sense and accept a Satan/Demon as a scape-goat for their wrong doing! Pagans take responsibility for their wrong doings and try to do what is right. Pagans know that ghosts are NOT demons. They know that if they accept the existence of  demons they invite evil into their lives.

Pagans also have another point which the book religions seem to ignore. There is an afterlife and at certain times of the year you CAN talk to the dead and get answers back. Pagans seem to have open minds while other beliefs say are evil or impossible. They are freer with their faith sometimes than the book religions.

The true definition of Religion is 2 or more gathered together sharing and SPREADING their spiritual beliefs INCLUDING the belief there is not GOD/Deities. Something to think about.



2 thoughts on “Death and Religions

  1. Very insightful…..I go to church, but I also am open
    minded to other things..I have my faith and beliefs,
    what feels RIGHT for my own soul and just follow that:)

    • So true. I don’t mind attending the churches of different beliefs because it gives me an incite into the people around me. I might not agree with what they say, but I normally do not argue with them either since I respect their rights to their beliefs. I just prefer not to be told that THEY are the only ones whose beliefs are valid. It is good to see people who are open minded and follow what is right rather than what others dictate. Have a great morning!

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