Ghosts are tired of this weather too … I think …

I know I should have drug out the camera or at least posted this last night, but I had to think on it because I am still not sure what exactly happened. At around 1:30 AM my dog had just gone out for (what I had hoped) was the last time. (Sometimes she is restless and goes out several time in the wee hours of the morn) When she came in, she got a bit restless and I started hearing something that sounded like someone was trying to get in. I turned on the porch light and looked around, but no one was outside. I was in the negatives last night.  This happened three times over the early hours and just prior to her going out. The first time she came in I found huge hand prints on the window pointing North. The second time I found another set pointing South. Then nothing. The fingers were long and extended. The hand print was larger than my husband’s. I told my husband and he said the prints were his and it was an animal trying to get in. The problem is there were no prints in the snow and the hands did not fit my husband’s prints. Seems I am the only one who saw them. I would like to think that the resident ghost(s) were having cabin fever and were trying to get out! Nice thought.


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