A mystery …

At my mother’s Church, the Catholic daughters always have coffee and treats the 1st Sunday of the month. Since I am her transportation I sometimes help out, either by bringing treats or helping serve coffee. Last night I was informed by a member that they needed people to serve coffee since there were 4 people contributing treats so I said I would help out after mass. I got mom to church, went downstairs and SURPRISE! there was NOTHING  set up downstairs! So I checked again during communion, still nothing … Same after mass was over! I stopped the priest from announcing explaining what I had found. He went downstairs and said he found a small box of muffing and the coffee pots setting out, nothing else! Everything should have been out in the open for us to put on the table, but there was NOTHING! So, here is the thing. What happened to the large box of muffins (over 2 doz.) plus the treats from the other three ladies? Not sure and probably will never know for sure, but with all the funerals we have been having in town (19 in our town and over thirty if you combine ours with the other towns near by) over the last two weeks, someone was either thinking they were left out by mistake and put everything away or they actually added these things for another upcoming funeral.


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