The sacredness of nature and less traveled roads.

Ever walk in a place of nature, where man seldom treads? I use to, and I rather miss it. My husband and I were up around Door-county, Wisc. a few years ago. We got to stay in two motels. It was around the time when the leaves were turning and it was getting colder. Behind one place there was a park with hiking trails, but it looked like few people tread those paths, and in fact there were a few times we lost sight of those marked places. The area reminded me of the mountains of Idylwild, Calif. A small community set in the mountains amongst the tall pine trees. As you walked those areas, for just a moment all you could hear in the deafening silence was the wind and birds. Sometimes you could catch a glimpse of a deer or rabbit, sometimes even a squirrel scurrying away. As I walk these places, clearings, meadows, trails so seldom used, I listen to the silence and the voices there within that silence. It is what brings us closer to our creator(s). Far closer than the machines and technology which we seem to cling so desperately to for some bit of companionship without the companions. When I walk these places I feel the presence of those long gone and seem to touch what we of the “modern era” have almost completely lost. Our instincts and humanity. For what are we with out the connection to the past and those who have gone before us? It was they who blazed the paths and got us to where we are today, yet we ignore and berate them. We think we are so much better than them. There is a saying “look to the past or we are doomed to repeat our mistakes. I believe that the saying is so very true, and that with out this sacredness of nature and those less traveled paths and roads which connect us to our past, we will truly be lost indeed.


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