People have lost their sensitivity. They no longer talk to their ancestors on a daily basis nor do they allow themselves to believe they (the ancestors) are there with them on a daily basis. They no longer feel the touch which sends shivers deep in the pit of their stomachs nor do they feel the comfort when they are stressed or sad. We forget to communicate with those who have passed beyond the veil because others have told us they are not there. We are told that ghosts are evil and that we should trust in science or one GOD only. That is bollix! Bogus! We are loosing touch with our rights, our skills and our loved ones because we choose to shut them out. All because someone else chooses NOT to believe or to believe that this is bad.

Communicating is as easy as just talking to them, asking for guidance and compassion. It is not wrong to talk to them, tell them what your day was like, ask them to watch over you when you feel lonely, unhappy or overwhelmed. They still care about us and we should still honor their memories by talking to them. Share your day and see. You may feel silly at first, but as you progress not only will it become natural, but you may find answers to questions in the way of dreams and inspiration. Think about it.


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