“Trolls exist … They steal your socks, but only the left ones …”

I love that phrase from the Dream works movie “How to train your Dragon,” and I am using it because it reminds me of the week we’re having. First, my husband lost a five inch binder with all his classes and notes (which he needs so he can finish his testing. We have torn the house apart and even parts of Mom’s house looking for the thing yet we can NOT find it. Then to top it off, Phillip came home to his Grandmother’s from the store (he was spending the night so he could help her out the following day) and when I came to get him, his wallet had vanished. I know he had it with him when he got to his grandmother’s house on Monday. Now this is Weds., and still no sign of either! Makes me wonder if Trolls do exist and they make our lives miserable. You know, both houses have this tendency, and I have never really lost anything, just “misplaced it” but this is ridiculous!


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