People and ghosts.

I have noticed that there are a whole lot of skeptics out there, not only about magic but about ghosts. Both exist, and I know if people would open their minds, they might be able to actually experience them Ghosts are mostly those who forgot to move on or preferred to stay between life and death. Most are not even malevolent! They are not like what the movies portray them to be … Nor are they evil demons trying to turn us to the dark side. They can be felt, sensed, experienced. I am not saying there is no evil out there, I am just pointing out that between the so called Christians and the media these Ghosts have gotten a bad rap. I believe those who get hurt from these so called hauntings have actually asking evil to come into their homes. Why do you think that witches and other truly spiritual people cleanse their places of any negativity in their homes and other places.  Now I am sure that people will diss this and say I don’t know what I am talking about, but I have found it to be true though my own experiences.  Research it and see.


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