Strange occurances in the technological world.

Today I when I got up, I didn’t realize that things were going to go nuts! First I spilled the oatmeal from it’s container, which wasn’t so bad. I got the dogs and hubster over to mom’s by 830 then headed to get gas … or so I thought. I swiped the card as usual and get things set to go. Got authorized. I started pumping and it shut down. It finally came up with the sign, “Thank you for shopping with us, your receipt is with the cashier.” Now that is all well and good except it hadn’t pumped any gas! I had to do it more the once before it worked right. The next incident was after working with the calves today was at lunch. I bought my son lunch and went to pay for it (Cash this time) and the cash register would not acknowledge that I was paying! The next stop was when I went to get groceries. Not only did the resister wipe off the purchase of the pears but it would not open the drawer. The final obstacle was another cash register which followed the same pattern as the one at the grocery store! Boy am I glad to be home! Not more machines except my computer! I just hope it doesn’t happen again!


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