Should I be worried?

It was interesting that some stranger in a fancy maroon colored sports car would stop in front of our house, compliments our siding and said he wanted to meet us about “some ideas.” I wouldn’t be concerned but for three things. The “kid” reminded me of a guy I know who is a hustler … kind of greasy looking in t-shirt, and looks Mexican or at least part. Reminds me of a bit of a junkie. The car is not one, which fits in this backwater town. And he admitted that he had been driving around town looking at places. Not right at all. The final thing is my senses tell me NOT to trust him. Should I be worried? It is possible.
I am posting this here because I am saying that I trust my instincts and intuitions. If I feel something isn’t right, no matter what anyone else says, I trust this to be true, not what others say.


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