Afterlife, beyond the vail, etc.

Seems that everyone has a specific idea of what happens after we die. In BeatleJuice the receptionist for the afterlife social services made a comment “This is how I died, that is how he died and that is how he died…”  It is very personal and individual. At least that is what the gist of what she was trying to say. To me I believe where we end up is our choice in the end. People keep telling me there is no after life, but if there was no afterlife then 1. why are we here? 2. how come there are ghosts who contact us?
We might not always hear or see the ghosts, but have you ever been in a place and felt someone was nearby, watching. How about smelling pipe, cigar or cigarette smoke when no one around you is smoking? How about the chill or the perfume? I have been visited by ghosts who wanted me to pass on messages to loved ones, or hear whispers when I was all alone. When my mother in law passed on, I didn’t know she was ill, and I saw her in a dream. She was in a hospital gown and asked me to tell her stepson, my husband that she loved him and would watch over us. She also told me to not worry about her because she was going to a better place. I woke up and took down the time. When I was going to work I told mom that her other son was going to call and to ask when she had passed. to make a long story short, I found that she passed a few minutes before I woke up. AND she was in the hospital when she did. That was proof enough for me.
My thoughts? I don’t think there is a hell. I believe that we go where WE BELIEVE we are going. If we believe we are going to hell, it will be a hell as we believe it to be. If we believe there is no afterlife then we probably will close our eyes and never awaken. For me I see death as the doorway to another adventure. How about everyone else. Have any of you ever had these experiences? Thoughts?


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