What just happened?

Not sure if it was my imagination or not. We have a small “water closet” on the ground floor and while visiting it last night I closed the door tight. The rooms were warm last night (70 – 74). Then out of the blue, the door swung open wide as if someone had yanked it open. Of course I said “what the @(#*” and realized that the room had instantly gone ice cold.  Not saying it was a ghost, but it did seem a bit disconcerting at 1AM in the morning.


Afterlife, beyond the vail, etc.

Seems that everyone has a specific idea of what happens after we die. In BeatleJuice the receptionist for the afterlife social services made a comment “This is how I died, that is how he died and that is how he died…”  It is very personal and individual. At least that is what the gist of what she was trying to say. To me I believe where we end up is our choice in the end. People keep telling me there is no after life, but if there was no afterlife then 1. why are we here? 2. how come there are ghosts who contact us?
We might not always hear or see the ghosts, but have you ever been in a place and felt someone was nearby, watching. How about smelling pipe, cigar or cigarette smoke when no one around you is smoking? How about the chill or the perfume? I have been visited by ghosts who wanted me to pass on messages to loved ones, or hear whispers when I was all alone. When my mother in law passed on, I didn’t know she was ill, and I saw her in a dream. She was in a hospital gown and asked me to tell her stepson, my husband that she loved him and would watch over us. She also told me to not worry about her because she was going to a better place. I woke up and took down the time. When I was going to work I told mom that her other son was going to call and to ask when she had passed. to make a long story short, I found that she passed a few minutes before I woke up. AND she was in the hospital when she did. That was proof enough for me.
My thoughts? I don’t think there is a hell. I believe that we go where WE BELIEVE we are going. If we believe we are going to hell, it will be a hell as we believe it to be. If we believe there is no afterlife then we probably will close our eyes and never awaken. For me I see death as the doorway to another adventure. How about everyone else. Have any of you ever had these experiences? Thoughts?

Should I be worried?

It was interesting that some stranger in a fancy maroon colored sports car would stop in front of our house, compliments our siding and said he wanted to meet us about “some ideas.” I wouldn’t be concerned but for three things. The “kid” reminded me of a guy I know who is a hustler … kind of greasy looking in t-shirt, and looks Mexican or at least part. Reminds me of a bit of a junkie. The car is not one, which fits in this backwater town. And he admitted that he had been driving around town looking at places. Not right at all. The final thing is my senses tell me NOT to trust him. Should I be worried? It is possible.
I am posting this here because I am saying that I trust my instincts and intuitions. If I feel something isn’t right, no matter what anyone else says, I trust this to be true, not what others say.

Strange occurances in the technological world.

Today I when I got up, I didn’t realize that things were going to go nuts! First I spilled the oatmeal from it’s container, which wasn’t so bad. I got the dogs and hubster over to mom’s by 830 then headed to get gas … or so I thought. I swiped the card as usual and get things set to go. Got authorized. I started pumping and it shut down. It finally came up with the sign, “Thank you for shopping with us, your receipt is with the cashier.” Now that is all well and good except it hadn’t pumped any gas! I had to do it more the once before it worked right. The next incident was after working with the calves today was at lunch. I bought my son lunch and went to pay for it (Cash this time) and the cash register would not acknowledge that I was paying! The next stop was when I went to get groceries. Not only did the resister wipe off the purchase of the pears but it would not open the drawer. The final obstacle was another cash register which followed the same pattern as the one at the grocery store! Boy am I glad to be home! Not more machines except my computer! I just hope it doesn’t happen again!

People and ghosts.

I have noticed that there are a whole lot of skeptics out there, not only about magic but about ghosts. Both exist, and I know if people would open their minds, they might be able to actually experience them Ghosts are mostly those who forgot to move on or preferred to stay between life and death. Most are not even malevolent! They are not like what the movies portray them to be … Nor are they evil demons trying to turn us to the dark side. They can be felt, sensed, experienced. I am not saying there is no evil out there, I am just pointing out that between the so called Christians and the media these Ghosts have gotten a bad rap. I believe those who get hurt from these so called hauntings have actually asking evil to come into their homes. Why do you think that witches and other truly spiritual people cleanse their places of any negativity in their homes and other places.  Now I am sure that people will diss this and say I don’t know what I am talking about, but I have found it to be true though my own experiences.  Research it and see.

What I call “MAGIC” in our lives

I wonder why people disregard situations and happenings as coincidence. Those who consider that have no real sense of wonder nor, it would seem, spirituality. Magic is subtle yet the monotheists call it miracles while those not so spiritually inclined say that it “would have happened anyway”.  Still, there are those of us who see every special thing that occurs as a form of magic or gift to those who would accept it. Just a thought for the day.

“Trolls exist … They steal your socks, but only the left ones …”

I love that phrase from the Dream works movie “How to train your Dragon,” and I am using it because it reminds me of the week we’re having. First, my husband lost a five inch binder with all his classes and notes (which he needs so he can finish his testing. We have torn the house apart and even parts of Mom’s house looking for the thing yet we can NOT find it. Then to top it off, Phillip came home to his Grandmother’s from the store (he was spending the night so he could help her out the following day) and when I came to get him, his wallet had vanished. I know he had it with him when he got to his grandmother’s house on Monday. Now this is Weds., and still no sign of either! Makes me wonder if Trolls do exist and they make our lives miserable. You know, both houses have this tendency, and I have never really lost anything, just “misplaced it” but this is ridiculous!